Please enjoy the information about the Ergo Baby Carrier. We no longer sell any products -- so please look for other retailers if you wish to purchase an Ergo.

Frequently Asked Questions - Are The New Carriers You Carry Really "New"?

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I Really Like Your 90 Day Money Back Trial, But How Can I Be Sure that the Ergo Carrier I Buy From You is New and Not One of the Returned Carriers?

This is a fair question that we get quite often, and one that you should consider when buying any product from a company that offers a return policy. Not every company handles their returns the same way, and some do sell returned products as "new".

We only sell brand new, never used Ergo carriers as our new products. Our returns are either donated to charity or, if I have a few, I list them on the site for those interested in a returned carrier at a discount. If you would like to see about the availability of a returned carrier at a discount, see our
Used Ergo Carrier Page.

How many returns do we get? Not many - less than 10%. And we almost never see a return because of the comfort of the carrier for the Mom or Dad - many returning customers in fact tell us the Ergo was very comfortable for them. Almost all our returns are because the baby or toddler just didn't seem to get comfortable in the Ergo. That is why we offer the 90 day money back guarantee - so you and your child will have a good chance to see if the Ergo is right for you.

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