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Natural Latex Mattress -- A Non-Toxic Sleep Option

One concern I had when I was pregnant was trying to reduce as much as possible the different toxins I came into contact with every day.

I especially became concerned about this after the birth of my first daughter. She was born with a cleft lip and palate, something we had no history of in either of our immediate families. But during the early stages of my pregnancy I was exposed to toxins in the seaside town we lived in during the crucial period that a cleft occurs -- a particularly bad red tide that I experienced during my daily walks on the beach, and the chemicals the state dropped to combat the black flies. And while I can't be sure if either of these issues caused her to develop a cleft, I regret not being more aware of the issues involved with toxins and just getting out of there when these problems came up.

One issue that I've come to think about in the years since is a basic one -- the bed you sleep in during your pregnancy. Since you spend so much time in it (a third of your life they say), it seems important for it to be not only comfortable but also non-toxic as well.

One option I really wasn't aware of back then but one I now sleep on, is natural latex. Natural latex is very dense and has a really comfortable supportive feel to it. And since it is made of natural rubber, it has a cushiony feel that really helps ease the pain in my hips, etc.

But just as important it is a non-toxic, all natural sleep surface that doesn't off gass and it naturally anti-bacterial.

We've been interested in learning about this since my husband is in the mattress business, and he has spent a bunch of time putting together a buying guide that goes into all the different nuances of natural latex (natural latex vs synthetic, the different ways latex is made, etc.). If you are interested, you can read all about it in his Guide To Natural Latex Mattresses.

On the negative side, natural latex can be a pricey option -- so if you do buy, try to find an option that gives you a good money back trial period so you won't lose out if you don't end up liking it.

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