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Letter from a Good Friend on her Impressions of Using the Maya Wrap and Ergo Carriers

Hi Jane,

Here are my thoughts regarding the Maya Wrap and The Ergo Baby Carrier. As you know I really loved my Maya Wraps. I used them all of the time. I now use my Ergo most of the time, although there are times when I use the Maya wrap still. These two carriers have different uses for me. Here are the pros and cons to each as I see it.

Maya Wrap - Perfect for use up to 6 months. For my first child, I don't think I would have used the Ergo for the first 6 months even with the infant insert. It was so nice to have the tail of the Maya wrap to cover up when I was breastfeeding in public. With my second child I was comfortable enough with breastfeeding to cover with my shirt and baby only and didn't need the Maya Wrap tail. Besides my second child wouldn't let me cover her with anything. She just pushed it away.

Great for a blanket, changing cloth, burp rag, cover from sun and wind, perfect for carrying a small baby inside your coat. This way you don't have to bundle the baby with lots of clothes first. There are so many ways to carry your baby inside the sling, that if your baby gets uncomfortable at any point, you just rearrange and then you can still carry the baby inside the sling. Even if the baby doesn't want to be carried, you can still get the baby into the sling without problems. Most of the time my kids ask to get into the sling. This is sometimes a problem since there are two of them.

The sling is so small that you don't need to carry it in a diaper bag. It isn't awkward at all to carry it with or without a baby in it. I took it everywhere with me. With the Maya Wrap I had the sling over one shoulder and my small diaper bag over the other.

The cons are that once the baby gets to be a year and a half to two years old, my neck and back felt strained after a day. I always wear my Maya Wrap on my right shoulder. I am right handed, and this keeps my right hand free to do things like sign my name. I have tried switching shoulders, and I can wear the sling on either side, I just prefer my right. I definitely cannot go out for a full day with just my sling after the baby is two. The other con is that since there are no buckles or safety straps, and there is nothing between the baby's legs, I don't feel comfortable carrying my kids in the sling on my back. I have carried my oldest in this position a few times, but since it is possible for the child to slip out, I wasn't comfortable with him on my back. This takes me to my last con. Since I don't use the Maya Wrap to wear my child on my back, with my Maya Wrap alone, it is impossible for me to carry both of my children at the same time. And sometimes this is necessary since they are 17 months apart.

Ergo - When I first got my Ergo I was very pleased because I could carry both of my children safely at the same time. This is sometimes necessary when we are in parking lots, and other places when there is danger near. If I have one on my back this leaves my front free for the other child. This was especially necessary when my youngest was 7 months old and my oldest was 2 years old. Sometimes I needed to have both my hands ready quickly for my two year old. And even more importantly, sometimes I need to pick him up and carry him for a few minutes. The Ergo made all this possible. Some play areas don't allow strollers in them. I found the Ergo very helpful because I had two hands to play with my son while my daughter slept on my back. I know a lot of people who need to do their own housework. I am one of those people, and yes sometimes I had to carry my kid(s) while I did this. Having used both the Maya wrap and the Ergo for this purpose, I must say that housework is much faster with a child on my back in the Ergo. When my youngest was around seven months old, and my oldest was two, I put my oldest in the Ergo on my back and held my youngest on my left hip, and still had one hand to make dinner. Also I think that the Ergo helped my son with the transition from only child to having a sister. He still got carried as much as he wanted since I could carry him on my back.

My husband and I each have an Ergo and can go on long walks without the stroller. If it is snowy or if for some other reason we can't take the stroller (no wheels allowed) we can comfortably carry them on our backs.

The other great thing about the Ergo is that you don't have to carry a diaper bag. The pouch in the back is large enough for a diaper or two, some wipes and a snack. I can carry bottles in bottle holders on the straps. There is also a handy pouch option for the front to carry a wallet, and a few small toys.

At Christmas time I could go into all the stores I needed to go into with one on my back and one walking. I didn't need a stroller, and if necessary, I could pick up the one that was walking for a little while. It was so much easier than trying to get though crowded stores with a stroller.

The cons are that I don't like to wear it if I don't have a baby in it. But it is too large to just want to carry it, so I usually just end up wearing it. Once my children got to a certain height, if I had them in the front carrying position, I couldn't see over their heads to see where I was going. At this point I only use it as a back carrier. When my youngest doesn't want to get in it, it is almost impossible to get her into the back position safely. When she arches her back, I am afraid that I could drop her, so I either wear her in the front position, or I use my Maya wrap, and wear her on my side.

Hope this helps.